Kotak Zen Signature credit card: Unbiased Review Revealed

Find the perfect credit card for your needs with the Kotak Zen Signature credit card- check for eligibility to get great rewards like a Welcome Gift and Priority Pass Access.

Kotak Zen Signature Credit Card is crafted to offer customers a unique combination of rewards, travel and milestone advantages. It boasts an attractive, meaningful and modern design that appeals to those who are not just looking for the benefits but also value the look of the card.

This product is designed especially for Kotak Mahindra bank customers who want low-fee points but need a premium banking relationship with Kotak bank. 

In this comprehensive review, I will explore the features of this card and compare it with other credit cards available in the market.

Let us start without wasting your time. 

Kotak Zen Signature Credit Card
Kotak Zen Signature Credit Card

1. Eligibility Criteria of Kotak Zen Signature credit card

To be eligible for a Kotak Zen Credit Card, one must meet specific criteria. Below are some of them.

  • Your age should be between 21 and 65 years.
  • Though add-on cardholders should be at least 18 years old.
  • You must reside in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi (including Gurgaon and Noida), Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai or Pune.
  • Your net income should be Rs. 4.8 lakhs or more per annum.
  • You must also be a resident of India.

Meeting all these criteria means one can apply for the Kotak Zen Credit Card and enjoy its benefits, such as cashback offers on Shopping and travel and rewards points for every transaction made using the card.

Pro Tips: Income is not the only deciding factor when it comes to eligibility. Your balance in your bank account, fixed deposits, credit score or banking relationship, may also be considered. 

Therefore, even if your income is less than Rs. 40,000 per month, you may still be eligible for a Kotak Zen Credit Card.

2. Kotak Zen Credit card benefits

Let’s discuss the benefits of this credit card. With these benefits, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about whether this is the right card for you. We’ll look at the rewards program, rates, benefits, and more.

That way, you’ll have the complete picture and be able to make the best choice for you.

Regular Rewards

On regular spending, you will get 5 zen points for every Rs.150 spent. This translates to a reward rate of 0.83%, which is quite competitive in the credit card market. This card is attractive because each reward point is worth Rupees 0.25, giving you a great return on your spending. 

There may be better offers compared to other credit cards in the market that offer at least 1% cashback or rewards on all other spends, but it can still provide excellent value for money if used wisely.

Shopping Spends

Shopping spending is one of this card’s significant benefits: for every Rs. 150 spent on Shopping (apparel, Lifestyle goods, Departmental Stores & Jewellery), you get 10 Zen Points.

That reward rate would be 1.66%. Only some Credit cards offer a 1.5% Rewards rate.

Milestone benefit

The Kotak Zen Credit Card offers its customers a unique Milestone Rewards program. It is designed to reward spending on the card with bonus rewards in the form of Reward Points (RP). 

  • For every 3 Lakhs spent, the cardholder earns 7500 Zen bonus points with a value of Rs.1,875, equating to a savings rate of 0.62%. 
  • For 6 Lakhs spent on the card, 15,000 Zen Points are rewarded at a value of Rs.3,750 and a savings rate of 0.62%. 

As this is an anniversary period offer, only one milestone reward can be earned in any given year. Once the milestone is reached, bonus Zen points will be credited to the card account at the end of that period. 

While this could have been made into an even more attractive feature with added incentives or relaxing certain rules, it remains an above-average product with its 0.62% milestone reward rate.

Airport Lounge Access

One of the most attractive features of this card is its Airport Access. With this card, 

  • You get access to complimentary domestic lounge access via Visa across 2 times in a quarter, 
  • As well as access to the international lounge via Priority Pass 3 times a year. 

This allows cardholders to enjoy the exceptional facilities that come with VIP lounge access without having to pay exorbitant fees.

Condition to Avail the complimentary airport lounge access: 

The complimentary priority pass membership with Priority Pass is valid for one year from the date of issuance. It can only be availed by the Primary Cardholder, who must have completed at least four purchase transactions in the prior twelve-month window.

If you cannot fulfil this requirement, you can still avail of a paid Priority Pass at Rs. 2000+ GST. This ensures customers have convenient access to exclusive lounges, and other benefits Priority Pass offers.

3. Other Benefits

Below are the other benefits of the Korak credit card that I think are available on a Credit card issued by Any Bank,

Fuel Surcharge Waiver

Kotak bank zen Card provides a significant benefit in the form of a fuel surcharge waiver on transactions. 

  • This waiver is applicable on transactions ranging from Rs.500 to Rs.3000
  • and you can avail of a maximum fuel surcharge waiver of Rs.3500 in each anniversary year. 

This is an advantageous offer for those who frequently use their credit cards to purchase fuel, as they can save up on the extra charges that are otherwise imposed on such transactions.

However, it is essential to note that fuel transactions or spends do not bring you to reward points which may be a drawback for some users. Yet, this waiver will provide extraordinary savings and prove very beneficial overall.

Railway Surcharge Waiver

With this card, you can save up to 1.8% for transactions made on www.irtc.co.in and 2.5% for Indian Railways Booking Counters.

The maximum railway surcharge waiver available in an anniversary year is Rs.500/-, making it a great way to save money when travelling by train in India.

4. Key Features of this Kotak Credit Card

Here are some key Features of the Zen signature credit card by Kotak that you should be aware of before applying.


The Zen Signature Credit Card by Kotak offers a range of features, including fees.

  • The joining fee is Rs. 1500 and the
  •  The annual fee is also Rs. 1500.

If you meet the condition of an annual retail spend of Rs 1.5lac for the first year, then the annual fee gets waived automatically; this condition remains the same for the second year.

An add-on card fee of Rs.299 is also applicable here.

Compared to other credit cards offering similar benefits, this one may seem overpriced in terms of fees, but it provides a host of great features and rewards that make it worthwhile.

Below are table for Zen Credit card Fees (In Details)

Fee & other Parameters
Joining Fees
Rs. 1500
Annual Fees
Rs. 1500
Condition for waiver of Joining Fees
Condition for waiver of Annual Fees – First Year
Annual retail Spends of Rs 1.5lac
Condition for waiver of Annual Fees – Second Year
Annual retail Spends of Rs 1.5lac
Addon card Fees
Interest Charges on outstanding Balances
3.5% (Annualised 42%)
Minimum Amount Due (MAD) (It will reflect in statement in column of minimum amount due)
MAD can be 5% or 10% of TAD as decided by the Bank
ATM Cash Withdrawal/ Call a draft/ Fund Transfer/ Cash Advance per Rs. 10,000 or part thereof
Rs. 300
Late Payment Charges (“LPC”)
Rs. 100 for statement o/s less than or equal to Rs. 500.
Rs. 500 for statement o/s between Rs. 500.01 to Rs. 10,000
Rs. 700 for statement o/s greater than Rs. 10,000
Over Limit Charge
Rs. 500
Cheque Bounce Charges
Rs. 500
Foreign Currency Mark Up
Railway Booking Surcharge (1.8%/2.5% on transaction amount)*
Fuel Surcharge (1% on transaction)**
Fee for Cash payment at Bank
Rs. 100
Outstation Cheque Processing Fee
Reissue/ Replacement Card (per issunace)
Charge Slip Request
Machine Surcharge at ATMs
Balance Enquiry Charges at Non Parent Bank ATM
Duplicate Statement Request
Web Pay Service Fee
( Fees & Rates of Kotak Zen Credit Cards)

Welcome Benefits

Kotak Credit Card offers its new customers an attractive welcome gift of 1500 Zen points (worth Rs. 375). With this welcome benefit, customers get an instant compensation of joining fees worth Rs. 1500/-.

However, this welcome gift can only be realized upon paying the joining fees of Rs. 1500/- as it is not available on the free card.

It is undoubtedly a great way to ensure new customers can enjoy the benefits of having a credit card without having to pay extra for it – making it one of the critical features of this Kotak Credit Card!

Interest rates

Interest charges on outstanding balances are 3.5% (annualized 42%) which is relatively low compared to other credit cards. Most credit cards tend to have high-interest rates, so it’s nice to see a card offering lower rates. Some Credit charge 48% interest Rates.

I always advise people to carry an outstanding balance on their credit card, but if you’re going to, this one offers a better deal than most. 

Foreign Currency Markup

Foreign Currency Markup is the amount of money added to the cost of a foreign currency transaction when using a credit card. In the case of Kotak, they charge 3.5% on the conversion amount.

This means that it is not the best option for foreign currency transactions due to its higher costs.

If you are looking for an entry-level credit card and want to save money on foreign currency transactions, then One Credit Card is your best bet, as they only charge 1%.

It’s important to remember that other factors are involved in choosing a credit card, such as annual fees or rewards programs. Still, One Credit Card is your go-to option if you’re focused on saving money with foreign currency transactions. 

Alternative of Kotak Zen Signature Credit Card

Comparing Kotak Zen Credit Card and Royale Signature: A comparison of the two, Kotak Zen Credit Card and Royale Signature, can help you decide which one is right for you. Evaluate the features and benefits of each to make an informed decision. 

Kotak Zen Credit Card vs Royale Signature comparison

The Kotak Mahindra Bank offers two high-end credit cards: the Kotak Zen Signature Credit Card and the Kotak Royale Signature Credit Card. Both of these cards are meant for premium customers.

The Kotak Zen Signature Credit Card is perfect for those who love to shop, offering generous reward points on purchases.

This card has a nominal annual fee of Rs.1,500 +GST and provides an impressive reward rate ranging from 0.83% to 2.2%. In addition, it also provides milestone benefits and comes with a stylish design.

 The Kotak Royale Signature Credit Card offers a generous reward points system for every Rs. 150 spent, yielding up to 0.6% – 1.2%.

There are no annual fees associated with this card and customers can avail of Priority attend service which allows them to SMS and get a call back within two hours.

Complimentary cheque pickup is available for paying monthly bills. However, it does not provide free golf coaching or green fees or Priority Pass for access to global lounges.


Now it’s time to give a quick and final Zen signature credit card review. The Kotak Zen Signature Credit Card is only made for some, but some people may enjoy its rewards.

Kotak Zen Signature credit card: Unbiased Review Revealed

It offers a reward rate of 2.2% on shopping up to 6 Lakhs annually; however, this may be a challenging investment for most customers due to the time required to track spending type and claim rewards. Those looking for premium cards with a broader range of rewards should consider other options like the Kotak White Card or Kotak League Platinum Credit Cards. This card is excellent for those who want to enjoy exclusive perks and rewards points at no additional cost and those willing to invest their time in tracking their spending activity and claiming rewards.

Editor's Rating:


  • Welcome Gift
  • Generous credit limit
  • Complimentary Airport Lounge Access
  • Priority Pass Access


  • Annual Fees of Rs.1500
  • Low Rewards Rate compared to other Credit card in the market

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  1. I upgraded my Zen card to a White card recently and I have two Kotak cards – Zen and Royale Signature. The Royale Signature is eligible for the Zen upgrade. Did I make a mistake after upgrading my Zen card to White?

    • Upgrading your Zen card to a White card is not necessarily a mistake, as it depends on what kind of value you are getting from the White card. If you find that the rewards and benefits of having a White card are better suited to your lifestyle and spending habits, then there is no issue with having upgraded your Zen Card.


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