About Me

Established in 2020, during the height of the economic downturn, My Credit Card Club.Com fills a pressing need for accurate, transparent, and consistent credit card information for a better banking experience.

My Credit Card Club is owned by Dhiraj Jha, a well-known name for delivering consumers the best solutions and information they need to meet their needs.

A Few Words By Founder

Hi, this side Dhiraj Jha — the founder of a leading personal blog website. I’m an experienced financial expert pursuing my main in personal finance. I have completed my graduation from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). I always wanted to do something big and better, and today I’m here with my passion for helping people utilize their resources wisely. I love to acquire, review and earn reward points/cash back from credit cards, which help me travel worldwide and stay in luxurious hotels.

My ultimate knowledge and deep industry experience help my clients make the most out of their finances and achieve optimal utilization of credit cards.

Why me? I would say why not me! I have been practicing and have gained enough experience to help you be a credit card expert— no matter if you know about the processes or not.

I’m pursuing my career as a financial advisor because I want to help people deal with their current financial situation, including assets, debts, and expenses. I want to help people identify areas for improvement for a better experience.

Being a good financial advisor, I will ask about the goals and create a detailed plan to help you achieve them. It includes calculating how much one should be safe for retirement, how much should be safe for emergencies, offering tax-planning suggestions, and with that, helping people refinance debt. Let me help you invest your money wisely by recommending particular investments or offering complete investment management.

It’s very important to use credit cards wisely to save yourself from future debts. One should use the available helpful financial tools to keep track of their expenses. You can make it possible by making on-time payments that help boost credit ratings. At the same time, some cards offer rewards for purchases, and sometimes 0% interest rate but for the short interval on balance transferred from various other credit cards. But all this is possible with a wise mindset.

If your card’s spending gets out of control, monthly payments and multiple interest rates could be an excellent problem for you. You need to have the right tips to follow so that you can avoid such problems.

Luckily, you have found me, and now you don’t need to go anywhere. I’m here to make it possible for you.

My Credit Card Club is the leading personal blog devoted to providing real, genuine, and 100% unbiased reviews and tips on credit cards to help you maximize your results. My job includes reviewing regular, premium, or super-premium cards, with good pros and cons to help you make the right decision.

The thing is, I have been using credit cards and know exactly the nitty-gritty of them. All of this has helped me to live the life I always dreamed of. Now it’s your time to enjoy and change your life.

You will find the highly researched and educational articles written by me. I will share my detailed insight about the hottest trending topics and queries you have been looking forward to.

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Mission Statement

Consumers usually make poor decisions when ill-informed. My motto is to match consumers to their perfect solution. I provide personal finance comparison information and educational experiences.

Vision Statement

I believe people are not well equipped with the right knowledge and tools to handle day-to-day finances. Every second day, people trade money for stuff, so I’m here to provide the right knowledge to help people optimize their finances to regain control.

Why Choose Me?

At My Credit Card Club, I seek to provide a truly unique experience that sets my game apart from others. I believe there are several reasons why you choose me as your partner:


You always come first. I believe in serving others with a passion for building lifelong relationships and guiding them along their financial path.

Comprehensive Advice:

When creating a powerful financial strategy, I address the entire picture from short-term to long-term needs. By offering highly comprehensive advice, I strive to provide ultimate clarity about finances.


I’m not a firm, but an independent, highly skilled, and talented entrepreneur. I’m not confined to sale quotas, rather focus on helping sturdy financial bases through comprehensive strategies.

So what are you waiting for? Do you need help in making the most out of credit cards? Do you need expert consultation, simply browse through this platform, and grab the biggest opportunity!

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