Paytm Launch New Version Paytm Postpaid 2020

By | July 9, 2021

Paytm has introduced a new version of its feature payment option- Paytm Postpaid in partnership with two NBFC. Paytm is India’s leading mobile platform. Paytm Postpaid is the feature by which we can buy something now and pay it later. Due to some problem, Paytm had closed its postpaid services, which were launched in 2019 with a partnership with ICICI Bank. We will review its features and Charges below.

Paytm has introduced three variants of its postpaid service – Lite, Delite, and Elite, which will be offered to users based on its partner-NBFC’s assessment.

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Paytm Postpaid Edition

Postpaid Lite

Postpaid Lite Comes with limits of Up to Rs.20 000/- and convenience charges with 0 to 4%. Postpaid Lite may be given to customers with little or NO credit score. Even if you have no credit score, you can apply Paytm Postpaid Lite. Generally, CIBIL Score from 0-700 is eligible for Paytm Postpaid Lite.

Postpaid Delite and Elite

Postpaid Delite and Elite comes with credit limit from Rs. 20000/- to 1, 00,000/- in monthly spends with no convenience charges.

‘Normally CIBIL Score from 700 to 900 are eligible for Paytm Postpaid Delite and Elite.

Paytm Postpaid Features

Paytm is offering the postpaid service in partnership with two NBFCs. The increase in the credit limit will allow customers to make payments for high-value items like furniture and consumer electronics.

EditionPostpaid LitePostpaid Delite and Elite
Credit LimitRs. 20000/-Rs. 2000 to 1,00,000/-
CIBIL Score0-700700-900
Convenience Charges0-4%0%
Payment Due Date7th of every month7th of every month
Paytm Postpaid Features

Pro Tip: You can also access passbooks to analyze monthly spends to plan everyday expenses.

Benefits of Paytm Postpaid Over Credit Cards

  • No Document is required
  • 0% Interest Rate.
  • You will get better Rewards.
  • Exclusive offers for Paytm Postpaid users on movies, bill payments.

How to use Paytm Postpaid

Paytm Postpaid can be available to buy groceries, milk, and other home essentials from neighborhood Kirana stores and at popular retail destinations such as Reliance Fresh, Haldiram, Apollo Pharmacy Croma, Shoppers Stop, among others.

Additionally, it can be used for various bill payments facilities available on Paytm, shopping on Paytm Mall, and online payments at internet apps such as Domino’s, Tata Sky, Pepperfry, HungerBox, Patanjali, Spencer.

Where to use Paytm Postpaid Limit
Where To Use Paytm Postpaid Limit

How to apply Paytm Postpaid

Paytm Postpaid service is offered in partnership with two NBFCs with an instant credit line for various payments to Paytm app users. Here are details on how to apply Paytm Postpaid with a limit of Rs. 1, 00,000/-.

  1. Login to Paytm Account
  2. Go to the Postpaid icon in the Financial Services section.
  3. Apply for Postpaid services and give all KYC details, and Paytm will tell you the Credit limit after completing their online KYC with our partner NBFC.
  4. Please Refer to T & C of Paytm.-

Paytm Postpaid Eligibility criteria

The eligibility is decided by NBFC and Paytm based on your transaction history with Paytm. Paytm will check the transaction history, types of payment. When you apply for the Credit limit through the app, Paytm will check the CIBIL score. Credit limit and approval will be granted based on the above factor.

How to do Paytm Postpaid payment

Every month, Paytm Postpaid will be generated on the 1st date of the month. You need to pay the bill through UPI, Debit Card, or through, on every 7th date of the month, which is the Payment date of Paytm postpaid. Paytm postpaid limit increases if you pay Bill in time regularly.

Paytm Postpaid Payment Options
Paytm Postpaid Payment Options

Paytm Postpaid EMI

You can also convert PAYTM POST purchases/outstanding into easy EMI, so that you can purchases the essentials without any budget constraints and pay back the amount in easy installments. Paytm postpaid EMI charges is up to 2%+ GST. So if you do shopping worth Rs.5000, then you have to pay addition Rs.118 as interest and GST Charges.

You can get more details at Paytm postpaid terms and conditions.

My Experience with Paytm Postpaid

I had applied credit limit through Paytm App and was granted a credit limit of Rs.56,250/- That’s means I can use these limits in any expenses like Bill pay, etc… Before you proceed with your limit approval, you need to give Credit confirmation to NFBC ( In my case Clix Finance India Private Limited).

The validity of Postpaid is only 24 months from the date of approval for Postpaid. Postpaid validity will be renewed. Payment through Postpaid is very smooth and hassle-free. The payment process is straightforward.

There is also late fee if you not due within limit ( Due date is 7th of every month). Here is the details of Late Fees.

Outstanding Amount of Unpaid isLate Fees( Per Month)
Less than Rs.100Rs.0.00
Between Rs.101 and Rs.250Rs.10
Between Rs.251 and Rs.500Rs.25
Between Rs.501 and Rs.1000Rs.50
Between Rs.1001 and Rs.2000Rs.100
Between Rs.2001 and Rs.5000Rs.250
Between Rs.5001Rs.500
The Late Fees are inclusive of applicable taxes.

How to cancel of Postpaid-Paid Facility

You may choose to cancel the post-paid facility at any time by giving prior notice on the 24X7 help section of the Paytm Platform and repaying all of the outstanding amount and any other amount due hereunder (Prepayment charges).


My Credit Card Club Rating For Paytm Postpaid
Paytm Launch New Version Paytm Postpaid 2020

Paytm Postpaid is certainly a good option for Low credit score person or who has no credit card. Paytm Rewards voucher is not good to avail. So if you have no Credit card, then you use Paytm Postpaid issued by Paytm; otherwise, it's wise to use a credit card for all expenses for the sake of rewards points on the credit card.

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20 thoughts on “Paytm Launch New Version Paytm Postpaid 2020

    1. Avatar of Dhiraj JhaDhiraj Jha Post author

      The Maximum limit of Paytm Postpaid is Rs.1,00,000/- Paytm Elite will give you a limit of up to Rs. 1,00,000/-

    1. Avatar of Dhiraj JhaDhiraj Jha Post author

      Yes, Paytm Postpaid may affect your credit score if you do not pay Paytm dues promptly. Paytm Partner would report your PAN to the Credit Rating Agencies (CIBIL, Equifax, Experian). The agencies would decrease your credit score based on this reporting

  1. Avatar of Khush Nandan ChoudharyKhush Nandan Choudhary

    Hey Dhiraj,

    I applied for Paytm Postpaid and received a Credit Limit from Paytm, But Credit Limit is very Low. How to Increase Paytm Paodpaid Credit Limit.

    1. Avatar of SubhashSubhash

      Sir I have used my paytm postpaid amount in these week and paid in these week only when I have to use amount again .

      1. Avatar of Dhiraj JhaDhiraj Jha Post author

        You can use the Paytm Postpaid limit whenever you want, however, if you use this limit now( 21st December) , you will only be benefited for 9 days, Better to use it after 1 January to get maximum benefits.

      2. Avatar of AnshiAnshi

        How much we will have to repay..its show 2% + if I take 5000…its 2% is 100 but how much gst? Any idea??

  2. Avatar of Mahesh KumarMahesh Kumar

    What is the charges like late payment,
    Any charges also apply when I pay in due date.
    What is yearly charges of this service.
    The services use in app or you provide any types of card.

    1. Avatar of Dhiraj JhaDhiraj Jha Post author

      Thanks for asking a question. There are no charges for late payment; however, you have to incur interest fees for the late payment. There are no charges when you pay—all bill amount within the due date. There are no joining and annual fees as well. I only do a genuine review of financial products, do not provide any products.

      1. Avatar of Manoj SharmaManoj Sharma

        my limit is 16000 and i use 15377 and paid the same before month end, while there is 362.9 charges applied to me

        may i come to know when there is no charge and i paid the used limit before bill generation

        then whu i was charged

        1. Avatar of Dhiraj JhaDhiraj Jha Post author

          Need to analyze the monthly statement carefully. Please call Paytm Postpaid customer care and check with her/him.

        2. Avatar of Dhiraj JhaDhiraj Jha Post author

          Need to analyze monthly statement carefully. Please call Paytm Postpaid customer care and check with her/him.

  3. Avatar of YasarYasar

    Hello Dhiraj Jha
    will you please Help me
    Just tell me how cn i my spent limit to partial payment ?
    Beceauce on paytm postpaid they are not showing any option to convert payment in to EMI

    so will you tell me please ?

  4. Avatar of Paresh Chandra TarafderParesh Chandra Tarafder

    Suppose, Paytm postpaid service is activated in my account and I have not used it in this month. So, will I have to pay any charges ?


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