Zolve US Credit Card Review-Open a U.S credit card without Social Security number.

Zolve have launched a US Credit card for Indian individuals moving from India to the U.S. (or the other way around) known as a Zolve US Credit Card. This credit card do not have any joining and annual fees. Here is everything you should know about it.

Ten thousand of Indian Students and professionals move out of India for better higher education and for work. The primary problem Indian student & professionals face is opening saving account and U.S Credit card.

Banks in the U.S., or in most other countries issues credit card solely based on credit scores issued by Local credit scores providers. Even if you have a great credit score ( CIBIL above 780) in India, this credit score shall you in getting U.S Credit card.

About Zolve

Zolve is a Bengaluru and San Francisco-based global neo-bank that aims to make financial systems and transactions across borders seamless. The startup has already grabbed $15 million in seed funding.

Table of Contents

  1. Fees and Rates
  2. Features
  3. Amazing Rewards
  4. How to Apply ?
  5. Verdict
  6. FAQ

Zolve US Credit Card
Zolve US Credit Card Credit Image: Zolve

Fees and Rates

Types Fees
Joining Fees No joining fee
Annual Fees No annual fee
Foreign transaction fees No foreign transaction fees
Intro APR 0% APR for 6 months
Regular APR After 6 months it will be 14.99% (variable with prime rate as follows: 11.74% + WSJ Prime Rate)
Late Fees First late payment fee waived off
Zolve Credit card Fees Chart

Features of Zolve US Credit Card

No annual fee

Zolve USA Credit Card credit is totally free, no need to pay charges for credit card maintenance.

No foreign transaction fees

Almost Indian banks charge, foreign transaction fees if use Debit card or Credit card for foreign purchases, charges ranges from 1% to 3.5%. However if you have this credit card, you do not need to pay any charges for the same.

There are some credit card which offer NET Positive rewards on foreign purchases, Even if they charges 1% Mark-up fess but give you 2% rewards, you may check Hdfc Bank Infinia Credit Card.

High credit limit 

Zolve US Credit Card offer high credit limit, you can get Credit limit up-to $10,000/-/ That will be a suffice balance for student and professionals.

First late payment fee waived off

The First late payment will be waived off, after onwards late fees will charged

0% APR for 6 months

Zolve credit card offer zero interest rate for first 6 months as an introductory offer. You can build this 6 month for setting life in new country( Only USA Now)

You can get handsome rewards points on using Zolve US Credit Card , on selected partner merchant like Amazon, COSTCO here are some of the.

Awesome rewards on more than 10K brands
Awesome rewards on more than 10K brands Image Credit: Zolve

Option to Freeze/ unfreeze from the app

You can control your credit card from Credit App. You can Freeze/ unfreeze from the app

No SSN nor U.S. Credit History Required

You do not need SSN nor U.S. Credit History Required for Zolve Credit card application. All the US based credit provider required to have SSN or US credit card history for application processing.

Its Pre-approved Credit Card

When you bank with Zolve, you are pre-approved in India and get your card as soon as you land. How’s that for being priority?

No Security Deposit required

You don’t need a security deposit to get a high credit limit with Zolve

Help to Build great US Credit Score

The Zolve Card helps you build a great U.S. credit score from the time you arrive. Zolve report your payments to the U.S. credit bureau that will increase your FICO Score.

How to Apply for Zolve US Credit Card

You can apply Zolve US Credit Card by visiting Zolve official website that is https://zolve.com/ and sharing some information, Photo, Passport Copy etc..

How to apply for Zolve US Credit Card
How to apply for Zolve US Credit Card

Verdict : Should you go for Zolve US Credit Card ?

If you are newly immigrant of US from India, then you need to build US credit score for having US credit card without any security. However with the help of Zolve Credit card you can get American credit card without having SSN ( Social Security number) or US Credit history.

You can sign up for the credit card and account from India itself. Even before you land in the U.S., you have your finances sorted. Zolve has got you covered from the very beginning!


Here are some frequently asked question about Zolev Credit card taken form official website.

When will you get Zolve US Credit card ? Will you receive in India itself or USA ?

Zolve US Credit card will be delivered to your USA address as per your travelling plan.

Does you credit history will get built even without SSN ?

Yes, Zolve will help to build US Credit history without having SSN.

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