YES BANK-BankBazaar FinBooster card 2021 Review

By | November 6, 2021

YES, Bank has launched a co-branded credit card in partnership with They have named it the FinBooster card. As the name suggests, this credit card is built to build and manage your credit score( CIBIL/Experian/Equifax etc..).

This credit card will empower you to keep track of their creditworthiness and analyze the credit factors that impact your credit score through a CreditStrong app subscription that will be complimentary for the cardholder for the first year.

Apart from Credit Built, this credit card also offers Rewards points on online dining, grocery and apparel purchases which can be easily redeemed for over 250+ catalog products.

Here is the detailed review of the YES BANK-BankBazaar FinBooster card.

What’s Ahead

  1. Key Highlights
  2. Pros & Cons
  3. Fees and Charges
  4. Why you might want the YES BANK BankBazaar FinBooster card.
  5. Drawbacks of YES BANK BankBazaar FinBooster card
  6. Fin Booster card Vs Kotak 811 Dream Different Credit Card
  7. Bottom-line

YES BANK-BankBazaar FinBooster card
YES BANK-BankBazaar FinBooster card

Key Highlights of FinBooster Credit card

  • It’s lifetime FREE credit card.
  • You will get credit fitness report with real-time dashboard to track spends & monitor credit score.
  • Attractive rewards points on online spends.
  • its co-branded credit card ( Yes Bank and BankBazaar)
  • You will get 1% fuel-surcharge waiver across all fuel stations in India.
  • Rs.2.5 Lacs  accidental death insurance.( Only primary Card holder)



  • 5X Rewards Points on Online Spends.
  • Rewards Points Never Expire.
  • Milestone Benefits.
  • Insurance Benefits of Rs.2.5 lakhs.


  • Very Long and applications and approval Process.
  • Third party website to apply.
  • High Income to apply.

Full Review

Here is the full review of the YES BANK-BankBazaar FinBooster card.

Fees and Charges of FinBooster Credit card

Joining FeeNone
Annual Membership Fee None
Add-on Card feeNIL (Maximum up to 3 add-on cards can be issued)
Finance Charges 3.50% p.m. (42.00% Annualized)
Late Payment ChargesNil to Rs.1,000
Overlimit Fee2.5% of the over-limit amount or Rs.500, whichever is higher per instance
Cash Advance Fee2.5% of the amount withdrawn or Rs.300, whichever is higher
Foreign Currency Fees3.40%
Credit Fitness Tracker (Credit Strong) subscription charges for 1st yearNIL
Credit Fitness Tracker (Credit Strong) subscription from second year onwardsRs.400 – Will be waived on achieving annual spending of 1 lakh or more in the anniversary year*.

Why you might want the YES BANK-BankBazaar FinBooster card.

Below are the benefits of the FinBooster card that will entice you to go for.

# 1. Reward points benefits

Fin booster credit card offers three types of rewards points on your spending. These are Online spending, Online Dining spending, online grocery and online apparel spending. Below is the summary of it.

  • 5x reward Points : Online dining spends.
  • 3x reward points : Online grocery and online apparel spends.
  • 2x reward points : You will get 2x rewards points on every Rs.200 swiped for other retail spends.

However, rewards points are not available for fuel expenses.

# 2. Rewards  points never expire.

YES, BANK-BankBazaar FinBooster card rewards point never expire. That is one of the best benefits of this credit card.

Apart from rewards points never expiring, you can share your reward points with friends and family. The reward points can be adjusted against your credit card balance.

# 3. Milestone benefits.

This Credit card offers,  Credit fitness tracker free for the first year; however, you need to pay Rs.400 charges for next year. But, if you spend Rs.1 lakh or more during the previous year, these charges shall be waived off.

# 4.Credit fitness benefits.

You will get monthly credit fitness reports through, Credit fitness benefits program. You can track real-time credit scores through the program. You can access,  credit score on your dashboard. However, you need to complete your first transaction with the FinBooster: YES Bank – BankBazaar Co-branded Credit Card.

# 5. Insurance benefits.

You will get an Accidental death cover of Rs.2.5 lakh. However, Accidental death insurance is available only for the primary cardholder.

Drawbacks of YES BANK-BankBazaar FinBooster card

Here are the drawbacks of this credit card.

# 1. Very long applications and approval process.

Yes, banks have a very long application and approval process, Normally yes Bank will take 30-45 days from the date of application for credit card approvals. However, in case of any delay, it will take longer than 45 days.

Nowadays, all banks have started to issue credit cards within 15 days.

# 2. Third party website to apply.

This credit card can be applied on the yes bank website. You have only option to apply for this credit card, “Apply on BankBazaar website.

# 4. High monthly Income.

Your salary income should be above Rs.25,000 for getting approvals.

What are the alternative of Fin-Booster card ?

Fin-Booster card is a credit-built credit card that will help you manage and increase your Credit Score. Many credit cards are present in the market that will help maintain and manage credit scores easily.

  • Kotak 811 Dream Different Credit Card.
  • ICICI Bank Instant Platinum Credit Card.

Here is the main difference between both the credit card.

Fin-Booster card Vs Kotak 811 Dream Different Credit Card

Points of discussion Fin-Booster card Kotak 811 Dream Different Credit Card
Joining and Annual FeesNilNil
Welcome bonusNone 500 bonus reward points
Reward rate 1. 5x reward Points: Online dining spends.

2. 3x reward points: Online grocery and online apparel spend.

3. 2x reward points: You will get 2x rewards points on every Rs.200 swiped for another retail spending.
1. 2 reward points against every Rs.100/- of online spending.

2. 1 reward point against every Rs.100/- of other spends.
Milestone BenefitsRs.400 Credit fitness tracker Cashback of INR 750 as Milestone program
Compare Table

It is easy for you to get approved for this card or not?

It’s not easy to get approval for the YES BANK-BankBazaar FinBooster card. Yes, Bank takes almost 45 or more days for credit card approval. Apart from this, this credit card is not pre-approved. You have to apply for a credit card on the Bank Bazaar portal.


YES BANK-BankBazaar FinBooster card 2021 Review

YES, BANK-BankBazaar FinBooster card is built for Credit Build; there are many credit cards present in the market available for this purpose. Apart from this, the rewards rate is also very low. You can apply for this credit card, no credit card available in the market for you.

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