Stashfin Credit Line Credit Card-Get Rs.5 lakh Loan instantly.

Stashfin has partner with Visa to launch co-branded cards –Stashfin Credit Line Credit Card. The cards are available to use at both merchant locations and ATMs

and in online modes where Visa is accepted. 

Stashfin is the Singapore-based neo-banking startup headed by Tushar Aggarwal – Founder and CEO of Stashfin. The fintech company is entering the Indian market to tap the purchasing power of the middle Indian.

Speaking on card launch Tushar Aggarwal the founder of Stashfin said..

“We are sitting on a unique opportunity to enable millions of consumers to get closer to their dreams and improve financial inclusion. South Asia is on the cusp of a financial revolution. Our mission is to fuel the aspirations of customers through frictionless banking services with the help of technology,”

Lets see the features and benefits of Stashfin Co-branded Credit card with Credit Line Card

What is the Stashfin Credit Line Credit Card

  • Its Prepaid Credit card act as a personal overdraft facility.
  • This card allows you to take a personal loan up to Rs. 5 Lakh.
  • You can pay a personal given on this card within 3-36 months as you wish.

Benefits and features of Stashfin Credit Line Credit Card

  • Cards are approved on CIBIL verification.
  • Once the Card is approved, Cash can be withdrawn from ATM.
  • This card can also be used at merchant locations.
  • One time Approval- Many times, loan
  • Loan limit vary from Rs.500 to 5,00,000/-
  • NO Interest at unused Loan
  • Easy online application and  quick processing time
  • Immediate transfer of funds

What is the eligibility to get a Stashfin Credit Line Credit Card?

  • You should be Indian citizens above the age of 18
  • Proof of current employment, earning a monthly income of Rs.15,000 or above.\
  •  Valid Bank account
  • Valid identity Identi proof- Like AAdhaar Card, Voter ID card, etc..
  • Valid identity Identi proof-Like AAdhaar Card, Voter ID card, Copy of Passport, etc.
  • Income Proof- In the case of self-employed individuals, the last two years’ IT returns are required.
  • And most stringent requirements have a net banking facility in your bank account.

How to get Stashfin Credit Line Credit Card?

The application process to Stashfin Credit Line Credit Card is very easy, follow the below process.

  • Go to the web or mobile platforms of StashFin.
  •  Fill in a simple application form with profile details, online banking details & upload KYC documents, i.e., PAN Card, Aadhar Card, and Bank statement.
  • The Stasgfin team completes a final verification process.
  • They will approve or reject it within 24 hours.
  • On receiving the Credit line Card, You need to register the Card by clicking on ‘Register my Card’ via the Stashfin app and add the Card number.
  • Provide OTP will be asked in this process and Stashfin Credit Line Credit Card will be automatically added in the app.
  • Stashfin Credit Line Credit Card will be dependent on Income, CIBIL Score.

Stashfin Credit Line Credit Card v/s Credit cards: Which is better, and why?

Yes, it’s a million-dollar question. Why you should use Stashfin Credit Line Credit Card?.. Tushar Aggarwal, the Founder of Stashfin below, is the advantage of Stashfin Credit Line Credit Card over Credit card.

Benefits Stashfin Credit Line Credit Card Credit Card
100% Cash-withdrawal Yes No
Partial repayment for cash withdrawal Yes Yes( This includes for a high interest rates)
Can Double as personal loan Yes No
Manage Card, Repayment, Fund transfer in on App. Yes No
Re-payment through Auto Debit Yes No
Customized interest rates based on borrower risk curve. Yes No
Features of Debit card insures higher merchant acceptance. Yes No
Interest reset for every repeat borrower. Yes No.


Fintech companies are coming to tap the Indian middle segment. This card has been launched to tap people who want to shop online and pay in the EMI or who are in the early stage and unable to borrow from traditional banking companies.

What’s you take on Stashfin Credit Line Credit Card ?, Please share in comment box .

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