RBL Bank World Safari Credit Card Review 2022

Are you planning to travel the world but don’t want to spend a lot of money on foreign transaction fees? If so, RBL Bank’s World Safari Credit Card might be perfect for y

ou. It offers unlimited foreign currency conversion and no transaction fees on purchases made abroad. 

However, there are some disadvantages. Also, you will not get any rewards points on your international purchases, and Although the annual fee is refunded back for the first year as welcome benefits, you have to pay Rs.3,000 after the second year onwards, so make sure that this card fits your needs before applying.

This review will cover everything there is to know about using this credit card.

What’s Ahead

RBL Bank World Safari Credit Card Review
RBL Bank World Safari Credit Card ( Image Credit: RBL Bank)

Application Process

The application process was very simple and easy for me. After I filled out their online application form, I received a phone call from an agent at RBL Bank within 24 hours of my submission. They went over all of my personal information, including my monthly income and other relevant details about my life. 

Once that was handled, they told me that I would receive a letter in the mail notifying me of whether or not I had passed their initial criteria, which was to make sure that I had enough monthly income to pay the credit card bill.

One week later, RBL sent me my World Safari Credit Card and a welcome Kit and other relevant information about how to use it. They also offered to help me activate the card over the phone, so I wouldn’t have any problems using it.

Joining and Annual fees

  • Joining Fees: Rs.3,000
  • Annual Fees Rs.3,000
  • Welcome Benefits: Rs.3000 worth MMT Voucher that can be used on Flights/Hotels (online) & Holidays (Offline) 

The annual fee is refunded back for the first year as welcome benefits, and you have to pay Rs.3,000 after the second year onwards, so make sure that this card fits your needs before applying; however, you will not get any annual benefits after the first year.

I think that their annual fee of Rs.3,000 is not reasonable for a credit card that offers no rewards on international purchases. Credit card companies usually charge an annual fee of Rs.1,500 or more, but most offer some sort of reward for your use to entice you into using their credit cards.

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RBL Bank World Safari Rewards Program

This Credit Card offers two types of rewards points, Regular rewards points and Milestones Rewards points. Here are  the details about each:

Regular rewards Points

  • Travel Spends: 5 RP’s for every Rs. 100 spent (Approx 0.80% return on spend)
  • Non-Travel Spends: 2 RP’s for every Rs. 100 spent (0.32% return on spend)
  • 1 RP = ~0.16Ps (Latest)

The value of rewards points is very low. If you apply for this card, I suggest using it only for foreign transactions so you can get the unlimited 0% currency conversion.

Milestones Rewards Points

  • Spend 2.5L a year: You will get 10,000 bonus Travel Points
  • Spend 5L a year: You will get additional 15,000 Travel Points
  • Spend 7.5L a year: You will get an additional Taj Experience Gift Card worth Rs. 10,000

You need to spend at least 2.5L a year to get 10K RP’s worth Rs. 1620, 5L, or more to get 15K RP’s worth Rs.2430 and another 2.5L to get another gift worth 10K.

So, you will get (Rs.1620+Rs.2430+Rs.10,000) approx 1.83% rewards rate. The total rewards rate would be 2.63%. That is good for me. 

If you are planning to use this card for more than 7.5L a year on travel spending, then this credit card might be a good deal for you. Otherwise, I would recommend looking elsewhere.

The regular Rewards Program is very weak and has very little value as the rewards points are worth very little. They might as well not offer rewards points on some spending; however, the Milestones Rewards Program is decent if you spend a lot of money a year on your card.

Airport Lounge Access

Another benefit of the World Safari card is that it offers access to Airport Lounge. Here are the details:

  • Domestic: You will get 2 Lounge access per quarter.
  • International: 2 complimentary international lounge visits.

A complimentary international lounge is provided by the Priority Pass on spends of Rs. 50,000/- or more in a calendar quarter. Domestic lounges can be accessed for free by all card members as long as you hold the credit card.

The main benefit of international lounge visits is that your guest can also visit the lounge with you, which is not available on most other credit cards.

Other Benefits

Golf Privileges

  • Complimentary Golf Games & lessons

This is a Mastercard world privilege, but the page for this version hasn’t been updated yet. You may get four green fee waivers and twelve lessons.

Travel insurance

  • The RBL Bank World Safari Credit Card comes with free travel insurance. The following will be insured:
  • Delay in trip
  • Loss of baggage
  • Personal liability coverage
  • Loss of passport
  • Dental treatment

Above travel insurance is only showcase, I do not think anyone, use these benefits.

My Personal Experience

I have been using this credit card for one year so far. I use it mainly for foreign transactions because of the currency conversion benefit since other cards offer no currency conversion on international purchases. I tend to use my card when I need to pay in USD, for instance, for website expenses.

Final Thought

The RBL Bank World Safari Credit Card is a great card for those who don’t have super-premium credit cards like the HDFC Infinia or Citi Prestige and do a lot of international travel.

It offers a 0% markup fee, which means you can use it anywhere in the world without paying extra (a major perk).

But given that RBL doesn’t usually have high net worth customers with this profile, this may not affect them much, at least initially. That said, it’s good to see Taj vouchers as part of their offering – I hope they come up with more new products with compelling USPs!

What are your thoughts on the World Safari Credit Card? Feel free to share your opinion below 🙂

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