Pay Rent by Credit Card with magicbricks in (2023)

Tired of missing rent payments and stressing over late fees? You can now easily pay your rent using a credit card with just a few simple steps! To get started, all you need is an account with Magicbricks and a credit card, debit card, or prepaid visa.

Magicbricks has introduced a new feature called Pay Rent by Credit Card, offering similar alternatives to No-Broker with a 1% processing fee. The rent payment process is as straightforward as other rent apps.

Here’s everything you need to know about it:

Pay Rent by Credit Card with Magicbricks in 2023
Effortlessly pay your rent using a credit card on Magicbricks

What is Magicbricks?

Magicbricks is a popular platform in India where property buyers and sellers can easily find properties of interest and access information on all property-related matters. It’s a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd (The Times Group).

Founded by Mr. Sudhir Pai, the owner of the Times Group, Magicbricks has recently introduced the Pay Rent with Credit Card service. This addition to their platform was a natural progression, as competitors are already offering similar features.

To pay rent through a credit card, simply visit the Magicbricks website and select the Pay Rent option.

Magicbricks has simple flat fee just like their competitors. Payment can be made using  either a VISA or a Mastercard credit card.

Payment Options Processing Fees
Credit Cards 1 % ( Flat) Update: Now Zero Fees

Rent Payment Process

Paying your monthly rent through this process is easy, quick, and rewarding. Here are the details to get started:

Rent Payment Process
Rent Payment Process

How to pay Rent through Magicbricks, Here are all Steps.

  1. Open Magicbricks online website or App.
  2. To begin, open the Magicbricks website or app. Enter the rent amount, residing city, landlord name, and bank account details.
  3. Then, click on “Make a Payment.” Keep in mind that providing property details is mandatory to avail benefits under Income Tax. In other apps like CRED and NoBroker, address details are compulsory.
  4. Choose payment Method(CreditCard/UPI)
  5. Next, choose your preferred payment method. You have options like Credit Card, Debit Card, or Net Banking. However, since you’re interested in using a credit card, go ahead and select “Credit Card” as your payment method.
  6. Once you’ve selected “Credit Card” as your payment method, verify it by entering the OTP received from your credit card provider. After completing the payment, the rent will be transferred to your landlord’s account within 30 minutes.
  7. You’ll receive a rent slip in your email inbox for your records.

My Experiance

I followed the payment process described above and made a test payment of Rs. 35,000 to my own account.

Magicbricks states that it typically takes up to 4 working days to transfer the rent to your landlord’s bank account. However, in my case, the rent was transferred within just 30 minutes.

Magicbricks keeps you informed by sending notifications via SMS and email once the payment has been transferred to the landlord’s account.


Magicbricks is definitely a strong option for paying rent by credit card, alongside competitors like NoBroker and RedGirraffe. NoBroker offers similar processing fees and payment options, but Magicbricks also provides PayZapp offers, making it even more attractive.

When using Magicbricks to pay rent by credit card, the transaction is reported as a utility payment. Some credit cards, such as Amex, may not offer reward points on utility payments. However, you might still be eligible for milestone benefits and annual fee waivers where applicable.

Have you used Magicbricks to pay rent by credit card? Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.


Can I pay rent through Magicbricks even if I am not registered on it?

Absolutely, both registered users and new users can pay rent through Magicbricks. To complete the transaction, all you need is a credit card and your landlord’s bank account or UPI details. Follow the steps outlined earlier in this conversation to make a quick and easy rent payment.

How do I get the receipt for my rent payment?

After your rent payment has been successfully processed and transferred to your landlord’s account, you will receive a digital rent receipt sent to your registered email address. This serves as a record of your transaction and can be used for future reference.

Are there any extra charges for this service?

A small processing fee is charged for making such payments with a credit card. This fee is 0% of the transaction amount if you are using either a VISA or a Mastercard credit card.

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  1. rent agreement chahiye kya ?
    aur safe hai kya mtlab rent fasega to nahi because customer service khrab hai iski


  2. I did rent payment magicbricks five days over till amount not credited to landlord account and customer care also not there in the app. Wrost service

  3. I transferred my rent through magicbricks, it takes 1 to 2 working days, customer care service representative also not giving proper response..Usually other apps like nobroker, sites and all taking very less time comparatively magicbricks..I felt very bad experience in magicbricks, Please try some other apps..Magicbricks not taking 5min or 30 minutes for transferring rent. they are taking minimum 1 or 2 working days..

  4. magicbricks removed my comments, Usually They are taking minimun 1 or 2 working days..Here they are saying within 5 and 30 minutes…It’s completely wrong.. if my rent didn’t transferred within a day means will wrote in social media and all.. I dont have other option to share my experience.. I will share this in twitter and whatsupp group also..Please consider this is my feedback.

  5. I have paid rent through Magicbricks 2 days before but still not credited to landlord’s acount. Please don’t use magic bricks. lt’s better to use No Brokers app where your transaction completes with in 30 min.


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