Now Pay Business Expenses on CRED through Credit Card

Now pay Business expenses on CRED through credit card, CRED has rolled out their new service to pay business expenses on CRED platform. You can now pay busi

ness expenses such as Rent, Employees Salay, Vendor payment through the CRED platform. Here is everything you need to know.

What is CRED?

CRED is a member-only app which enabled you to managed and pay credit card bill easily. You can track expenses during the year like spent on traveling, hotel, rent, etc… through CRED APP. CRED members are only reserved for people having a high Credit score(CIBIL should be more than 750).

You will also get some rewards/cashback on paying credit cards through the CRED app. I am using this app for two years, accumulated above Rs.3000 cashback and Rs.8000 other benefits, you check below.

Rewards Benefits on CRED
Rewards Benefits on CRED

What is Pay Business Expenses on CRED ?.

Business Pay is the newly launched CRED product built exclusively for its members as a solution for business payment through credit card/UPI.

Its allow you to clear business expenses now with your credit card. There are benefits associated with this move, like you can manage cashflow of operation, you can get early payment discount from vendors.

Clear business expnes now with credit card
  1. All the cash flow you need and some more.
  2. Early payment discount from your vendors.
  3. Rewards points on credit card
  4. Improve credit history
  5. GST Credit benefits

How to use it ?.

Pay Business Expenses on CRED is elementary. CRED has easy to use interface and is very straightforward. Paying Business Expenses on CRED is very quick. Here are the steps for payment.

  1. Go to the Business payment section in CRED App.
  2. Select Payment types like Salay payment, Vendor payment, office rent.
  3. Select payment amount
  4. Verify Bank Details of employees or vendors.
  5. Confirm charges, payment amount, and submit.
  6. That’s it, and payment is successful.

Here’s the flow of entire payment process in pictures:’

Select Payment types
Select Payment types

You can pay anything like vendor’s payment, employee salary, office rent, or any others expenses.

Select payment amount
Select payment amount

Just select the payment amount, there is no max or minimum limit for transaction, however you need to also check the credit card limit.

Confirm Bank Details
Confirm Bank Details

CRED will automatically verify the Transferee details by depositing Rs.1 in the account, so there no chances that amount will be transferred to wrong account.

Confirm charges, payment amount, and
Confirm charges, payment amount, and

Payment shall be transferred to beneficiary instantly. Payment can also made by UPI.


  • You just need to be a CRED member with Credit Score > 750

CRED Business is a new product, currently in the beta stage. It is being rolled out to all members in phases, and hence not everyone will be able to access it for the first launch. If you currently cannot access CRED Business, do not worry; CRED will notify you promptly upon its availability.


  • Service Charge (Credit Card): Upto 2.5% + GST 18%) Net 2.90%
  • Service Charge (UPI): Nil
  • More detailed T & C

If you compare charges with the Rent-Pay option in the CRED app, Services charges for the Business Pay app are high. Net charges are 2.90%. However, businesses can get benefits of GST input by providing GST no. in Business Pay APP.

How much can I save?

There is no straightforward answer to this question, its entirely depends on which credit card you use. If you use an entry-level credit card like Amazon Pay ICICI bank credit card or Axis ACE bank credit card, there no saving other than 45 days credit period. You have to pay extra charges out of your pockets.

However if you hold premium credit card like HDFC Bank Infinia Credit card , you can make most benefits out of it.


Pay Business Expenses on CRED through credit card is the new model of CRED. CRED is constantly improving its business profile. Firstly it launched the RentPay option for individuals and now launched CRED Business Pay App.

You should use these features or not entirely depends on which credit card you hold, types of Business, Size of Business.

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