Kotak White Credit Card Review

Kotak White Credit Card is an excellent choice for those in the high-income bracket. The eligibility criteria seem to indicate that this card was made with your well being and financ

ial stability as its top priority, which I think every person deserves!

In this review , I will tell you about what this card has to offer and what is Pros and Cons of this card .

Table of Contents

  1. Charges
  2. Welcome Benefits
  3. Rewards & Benefits
  4. Other Benefits
  5. Pros and Cons
  6. Eligibility Criteria
Kotak White Credit Card
Kotak White Credit Card

Kotak White Credit Card Charges

  • Joining Fees: Rs.3,000+ GST
  • Renewal Fees : Rs.3,000+ GST
  • Add On Card: Nil
  • Interest Charges: 37.20% Per Annum

There is no condition for a Joining and Renewal fees waiver, which means you have to compulsory bear these charges for having this card in your wallets irrespective of whether you use it or not.

Kotak White Credit Card Welcome Benefits

  • Rs.3000 spends: You will get a voucher worth Rs.1500
  • Condition: If you spend Rs.30,000 within 60 days.

Kotak White Credit Card Rewards & Benefits

This card does not offer direct Rewards points But offers in the form of a White pass. WHITE Pass can be compared to a virtual wallet. If you achieve the spend milestones, you receive rewards in the form of WHITE Pass value. You can then use the accumulated value to claim vouchers from premium partner brands. You can check all premium brand’s on the White Credit Cards rewards redemptions portal. You can use White Pass redeem across multiple categories such as apparel, hotels & dining, beauty, self-grooming services, etc.

Here detailed table explaining rewards systems.

Spends slab WHITE Pass Value (incremental) Cumulative WHITE Pass Value Rewards Rate
<2 lakhs Rs. 0 Rs. 0 0%
2 – <4 lakhs Rs. 2000 Rs. 2000 1%
4 – <6 lakhs Rs. 4000 Rs. 6000 1.50%
6 – < 9 lakhs Rs. 6000 Rs. 12000 2%
9 – < 12 lakhs Rs. 7000 Rs. 19000 2.11%
12 lakhs & above Rs. 8000 Rs. 27000 2.25%
White Pass Table

It is evident from the table that the minimum rewards rate is 0% and max Rewards points are 2.25%. You can gain more than 2.25% because the maximum WHITE Pass value of Rs.27,000/- can be accumulated in a year.

  1. Every year on the anniversary date of the Card, the WHITE Pass value will reset to zero.
  2. Maximum WHITE Pass value of Rs.27,000/- can be accumulated in a year.
  3. The claim period for your WHITE Pass is 1 year and 3 months. The claim period starts from the date your card is booked + additional 3 months.

Other Benefits

 Airport Lounge Access

Kotak White Credit offers you Airport lounge access benefits through Priority Pass.

  • International : 4 complimentary airport lounge access every year  ( With Priority Pass)
  • Domestic : 8 Complimentary airport lounge access In a Year (2 visits per quarter).

Complimentary visits are applicable only for the primary cardholders. You will charge USD 27 per person per visit for the guest.

Fuel Surcharge Waiver

  • Save 1% fuel surcharge across all petrol pumps in India
  • Fuel Surcharge Waiver Applicable on transactions between Rs.500 and Rs.3000
  • Maximum fuel surcharge waiver allowed in a calendar year is Rs.3500.

Railway Surcharge Waiver

  • 1.8% to 2.5% railway surcharge waiver when you book a ticket on IRCTC or through an Indian Railways booking counter Maximum railway surcharge waiver allowed in a calendar year is Rs.500.

Balance transfer

  • 3-month interest-free period on transferring all your outstanding amount from other credit cards to Kotak White Credit Card.
  • Processing fee: Rs.349 + GST per Rs.10,000.

Pros and Cons of Kotak White Card


  • No restricted categories for spends even wallets upload is allowed.


  • No Charges waiver
  • Low Rewards rate
  • Strange Rewards Systems
  • Rewards are Caped to 27,000
  • White Pass Automatically Expire

Eligibility Criteria

  • Age: 28 years to 65 years.
  • Location: Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi (including Gurgaon and Noida), Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Pune.
  • Income: Rs.25 Lakhs and above per annum
  • and you should be a resident of India
Kotak White Credit card Review
Kotak White Credit Card

So, all in all, the Kotak White Credit Card is not a very good option if you are looking for a card with decent rewards rates. Your rewards rate would be 0% up to 20 lakh spends even if you spend more than 10 lakh your rewards rate up to 2.25%, which is pathetic. Other than this, the Rewards systems are also strange.

Editor's Rating:

There are many other cards available in the market that offer better benefits and rewards systems. For me, a Lifestyle credit card like SBI Prime and Bank of Baroda ETERNA Credit Card other better in terms of Rewards rate, milestone benefits, and Charges.

Have you had any experience with this card? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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