Indusind bank duo card All in one card

Indusind bank duo card is India’s first 2 EMV chip debit cr

edit cards. This is a two-in-one Duo Card that comes with two Magnetic Stripes and 2 EMV Chips. So this card does work for both debit and credit cards to the Indian consumer.

There is no need to carry both Debit and Credit in your wallet, Indusind bank duo card will work for both Debit and credit card.


Indusind bank duo card All in one card
Indusind bank duo card All in one card

IndusInd bank duo card charges

  • Joining Fees: Rs. 249+GST
  • Annual Fees: NIL

IndusInd bank duo card features

IndusInd bank duo card offers Rewards points on the Debit card as well as a Credit card. Check Detail rewards points on the Debit card as well as a credit card.

Indusind bank duo card Rewards points on Credit Card

  • 1 Reward Point on every INR 150 spends
  • 1 Rewards points are equal to Rs.0.75
  • Rewards Rate is 0.50 %

Indusind bank duo card Rewards points on Debit Card

Indusind bank duo card rewards you, not only on Online spends through Debit card but ATM withdrawal also. Below are the details of the Rewards program on debit cards.

On Debit card Activation

Transaction( within 60 days of card issuance) Rewards Points
1st Shopping Transaction  100
1st eCommerce Transaction 50
Transaction on Internet Banking 100
Mobile banking Transaction 100
ATM Transaction at IndusInd Bank ATM 100
ATM Transaction at Other Bank ATM 50

Points for Usage

Expenses Details Rewards Points
Shopping Transaction by Debit Card 1 point for every Rs. 150 spends
Shopping Transaction on Debit Card 2 points for every Rs. 150 spends
Internet Banking Transaction 5 points per transaction,
up to 5 transactions per month.
Mobile Banking Transaction 10 points per transaction, up to 5 transactions per month.
ATM Withdrawals at IndusInd Bank ATMs only 5 points per transaction, up to 5 transactions per month.
SI/ ECS 25 points per 500, up to 75 per month

1. Max earning in a month for Duo Card: 3000 Reward points
2. Min points needed for redemption: 500 Reward points
3. Value per point- Rs.0.75

IndusInd bank duo card benefits

Travel Plus Program- Airport Lounge access Benefits

Under the Travel Plus Program, Indusind bank duo card offers you a complimentary Priority Pass which gives you access to 700 lounges access across the world. You can enjoy 8 international Airport lounge access outside India.

Normally you will be charged $27 if you use International Lounge access benefits without any membership or credit card so if you use Indusind bank duo card for Airport Lounge access benefits Total Benefits in Value is Rs.16,000(8*$27*77) considering Rs. 75 exchange rate for One dollar. You can also check the Best credit card for lounge access benefits.

Terms and Condition for using Lounge access benefits under the Travel Plus Program

  • You can join the Travel Plus Programme by paying a Joining Fee of INR 5000 +GST
  • As a part of the Travel Plus Programme, the usage charge of USD 27 is waived off for the cardholder for 8 international lounge visits outside India
  • A charge waiver is not applicable for Domestic lounge access benefits.
  • Once the complimentary lounge visits are exhausted, a usage charge of USD 27 per person is applicable each time a cardholder visits any lounge within or outside India. This charge will be billed to IndusInd Bank Duo Credit Card.
  • The Priority Pass Card will be delivered to the Cardholder at the registered mailing address.
  • For any disputes regarding the billing of the lounge usage fee, the Cardholder needs to contact Priority Pass directly. The usage charges for lounge access are subject to change as governed by Priority Pass. For details T & C
  • The above offer will be valid for one year from the date of enrolment.

Fuel surcharge waiver

  • No fuel surcharge applies to your debit card. As per government notification, the Fuel surcharge has been waived off on all debit cards.
  • On Duo Credit Card, a 1% fuel surcharge waiver applies on transactions between INR 400/- to INR 4000/- only the waiver is applicable across all petrol pumps in India.
  • However, Tax applicable on the Fuel surcharge waiver.


Insurance Benefits on Debit Card

  • 3 Lakh on Lost Card Liability
  • 25 lakh Air accident Insurance
  • 2 Lakh Personal Accident Insurance
  • 0.5 Lakh Purchase Protection
  • How to Claim Insurance cover

Insurance Benefits on Credit Card

Travel Insurance

IndusInd Bank has tied up with ICICI Lombard General Insurance to provide provide you with the following insurance cover under the Program

Insurance cover Sum assured
Lost baggage Up to Rs. 1,00,00
Delayed baggage Up to Rs. 25,000/-
Loss of passport Up to Rs. 50,000/-
Lost ticket Up to Rs. 25,000/-
Missed connection Up to Rs. 25,000/-
Total Protect

Under Total Protect Plan Indusind bank duo card offer you below benefits

  • .Unauthorized Transactions in case of loss/ theft of Card– Insurance cover up to 48 hours prior to you reporting the loss of your Card to IndusInd Bank. you need to pay anything for unauthorized transactions.
  • Counterfeit Fraud -It is possible that your card details are stolen and used unscrupulously by producing counterfeit plastic.IndusInd bank duo card offers you insurance to protect yourself against such incidents.

IndusInd bank duo card eligibility

  • You Should be Resident of India.
  • Your Age must be 18+ Year
  • Saving account with Indusind Bank.

How to apply for IndusInd bank duo card

Indusind bank duo card can be applied by following below method.

  • By Visiting you Bank Branch
  • Online through Indusind Bank Website
  • Or call on 1860 267 7777 


IndusInd bank duo card offer rewards points on the Debit card as well as a credit card, on the Top of it reward points earned using debit and credit sides of the card are consolidated every month and accumulated by the bank. So, the customer can avail of the benefits of these consolidated reward points while redeeming.

Combining the two cards into one may entice you to apply for this card because, you do not need to carry multiple cards, but you have got to be extra careful before you use them.

There is a high probability that you can make a mistake while swiping the card at ATM or at the POS system while transacting. This card is error-prone.

This credit card also charges you Rs. 5000 for Lounge access benefits under Travel access benefits for International Travel. Besides this Domestic Lounge access benefits are not available under this program. I do not favour this combo card.

Do you have IndusInd bank duo card, or planning to apply one? Share your thought in the comments below.

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