HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card Review

HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card is a Premium credit card issued by HDFC Bank. This card offers you Premium benefits like Priority Pass membership

ong>, access to international and domestic airport lounges, Zomato Gold membership, etc. Here is the detailed review of this credit card.

Table of Contents

  1. Joining Fees & Charges
  2. Welcome & Renewal benefits
  3. Rewards Benefits
  4. Terms and Conditions
  5. Milestones Benefits
  6. Airport Lounge Access
  7. Other benefits
  8. Pros & Cons
  9. Bottomline

Joining Fees &Charges

  • Joining Fee: Rs.2,500 + GST
  • Renewal Fee: Rs.2,500 + GST
  • Add On Card: Nil
  • Forex Mark up 2%

HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card Renewal fees are waived off if you spend Rs.3 Lakh or more in the previous year. The Forex Mark Fees is lower if you compare it with another credit card i.e 3.5%. However, recently HDFC bank also issuing this card as Lifetime Free.

Welcome & Renewal benefits

Rewards Benefits

  • Retail Spends: 4 Rewards Points of spends of Rs.150
  • 1 Rewards Points: Rs.0.50
  • Default Rewards rate: 1.3%

The rewards rate depends on where you redeem rewards points. If you redeem rewards points on a dedicated portal (regalia portal), then the rewards rate is 1.3%. However, if you redeem in cash, then 1 rewards points are equal to Rs.0.20.

HDFC Card also has a 10X Rewards Program, where you can accelerate the rewards rate by shopping on Amazon, Flipkart, Hotels & Flight through SmartBuy Portal. The monthly cap on reward points is 5000 bonus reward points on Smartbuy.

Terms and Conditions for HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card Rewards Program.

Regalia Credit card also has several terms and condition for rewards, here is everything you must know.

  • Retail purchases: Only valid Retail purchases qualify for Reward points
  • Fuel transactions: Reward points will not be accrued for fuel transactions
  • Validity: Reward points are valid only for 2 years from the date of accumulation
  • EasyEMI and e-wallet loading: EasyEMI and e-wallet loading transactions will not accrue Reward points
  • Insurance: Reward points accrued for Insurance transactions will have a maximum cap of 2,000 per day.
  • Max Cap: You can redeem up to a maximum of 70% on the travel bookings (flights, hotels, and experiences) using Reward Points. The balance amount will need to be paid via credit card.

If you do not use Credit Card for more than 365 days, Reward Points accrued, and balance rewards points will lapse.

Milestones Benefits

  • Spends of Rs.8,00,000 : 15,000 Rewards Points (RP Rate 0.90%)
  • Spends of Rs.5,00,000 : 10,000 Rewards Points ( RP Rate 1%)

Milestone benefits accelerate the overall rewards program of HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card. The Default rewards rate is 1.3% and the Milestone rewards rate is 1%, so the total rewards rate would be 2.3% of spending Rs.5 lakh in a year, which acceptable.

Airport Lounge Access

The best part of HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card is  Complimentary Airport Lounge Access. This card also offers Lounge access benefits on Add on a card, and  Visa/MC limits are set to every year rather than every quarter. Here are everything things you should know.

Domestic Lounge Access

  • Limits: 12 complimentary access per calendar year
  • Terminals : International & Domestic
  • Limits can be shared between Add on and Primary Card. However, both can not be used at same point in time.
  • Access Medium: Via Visa or Mastercard

International Lounge Access

  • Limits: 6 complimentary lounge access 
  • Access Medium: Priority Pass
  • Limits can be shared between Add on and Primary Card. However, both can not be used at same point in time.


  • Air Accident Cover: Rs.1 Crore
  • Emergency overseas hospitalization: Rs.15 Lakh
  • Credit Liability cover: 9 Lakh

Other benefits

Fuel Surcharge Waiver

  • 1% fuel surcharge waiver
  • All Fuel station in India.
  • Min Transaction Rs.400 to Rs.5000

Dining Benefit

  •  Complimentary Dine-out Passport Membership 
  • You will get a Flat 25% off on using Regalia credit card when you achieve the spending target.
  • Additional 5% off on paying using Dineout Pay linked to a Regalia credit card.
  • You need to spend Rs. 75,000 and more from your regalia credit card every calendar quarter beginning from Jan 2021 to March 2021 to get Dine-out Passport Membership.
  • Please visit here for detailed terms and conditions. 

Lowest Mark-UP Fees

  • Forex Mark-Up Fees: 2%
  • HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card offers the lowest Forex transactions fees.

Pros & Cons of HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card


  • Default 1.3% rewards rate
  • Excellent milestone Benefits.
  • Lounge Access is available for Primary as well as Add-on Card.
  • Higher Limits ( Minimum Limits Rs.2 Lakh)


  • No domestic lounge access for Add-On card on the same day.
  • Restriction on reward point redemption for flights and hotels ( Max 70% available for redemption)
  • High Eligibility criteria.

Eligibility Criteria

HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card is premium credit card, so the Eligibility Criteria are little tough.

  • For Salaried Indian national
  • Age: Min 21 years & Max 60 Years
  • Net Monthly Income> Rs 70,000

For Self Employed Indian national

  • Age: Min 21 years & Max 65 Years
  • Income: ITR > Rs 8.4 Lakhs per annum


HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card Review
HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card

Yes, I can say that HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card is one of the best premium credits available in the market. The default rewards rate of 1.3% is a little lower than a premium credit card, but this card also offers airport lounge access for Primary and Add-on card holders.

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