Citi Cash Back Card-Review 2020

By | July 24, 2020
Citi cash back Credit card

Citi cash Back cardis great saving credit card offering instant cashback on movie tickets booking, telephone and utility bills payment and other expenses. It will rewards you up to 5% Cash back on movie tickets booking, telephone and utility bills payment and 0.5% rewards on all other spends here are Citi cash Back card review in details below.

Citi cash back card annual & joining fees

  • Joining Fee  NIL
  • Annual Fee:   500 INR + GST
  • Joining Perk – NO Joining Benefits

Citi cash back card benefits and Features

  • 5% cash back on movie ticket purchases
  • 5% cash back on all your telephone bill payments
  • 0.5% Cash Back on all other spends.
  • Cash back earned gets auto credited on accumulation of a minimum of INR 500, and thereafter, in multiples of INR 500
  • Citi cash back card foreign transaction fee-   3.5% + GST

Note: 5% cashback on Movies, Telephone & Utility Bills is capped maximum of INR 100 on each category, however 0.5% cash back is not limited.

Lounge access

Citi cash back card do not provides any lounge benefits. Its beginner level credit cards so we should not except Lounge benefits.

Other Benefits

  • Citi Bank always comes with various discount offers with partnered store. When it comes discount purchase on Goffers, Amazon and Flip- kart Citi bank credit always gives it best.
  • If you have Citi Cash back credit card, you will also eligible for discount on dinning bill at all Citi Bank partner restaurant across Globe.
  •  If you hold Citi Cash Back Card will also receive privileges on EMIs for various products at various electronic stores, shopping outlets, retailing chains as well as during online shopping.
  • You can also avail instant loans on the Citi Cash Back Credit Card as per your requirement.

Eligibility criteria to apply a Citi Bank Credit card

  • The applicant must be above 18 years of age and should be an Indian citizen.
  • The applicant should also have Good Credit report or CIBIL Score more than 750.
  • The applicant should also have stable income and Salary Proof.
  • You have Credit card of any other bank than approval chances would be high.
  • The applicant address should be in Citi Bank serviceable area and Pin Code area should not be blocked by Citi Bank

Document required for Citi Bank cash card application

  • Passport Size photograph.
  • Applicant should have Address Proof like passport and Aadhaar Card.
  • Income Proof like Salary Slip, Income Tax return etc.
  • Identity proof Like Pan Card and Voter ID card.

Step to apply Citi Bank credit card

  • Go City Bank bank Website
  • Click Citi Bank Cash back card
  • Fill required information and Submit.
  •  Citi Bank representative will call you and confirm about application and will collect required documents
  • After approval Citi Credit card will be delivered to you.

Citi Cash Back Credit Card – Terms and Conditions

  • 5% Cash back on all movie tickets subject to a maximum cap of INR 100 per card per month
  • 5% Cash back on all utility bill payments enrolled and charged through Citi Bill Pay or paid through Citibank Online Payments, subject to a maximum cap of Rs 100 per card per month
  • 5% Cash back on all telephone bill payments subject to a maximum cap of INR 100 per card per month. Please note, if the Telephone bill payments are made through the Bill Pay functionality on Citibank online, they will be considered as same category as point (b) and hence a single cash back cap of INR 100 per card per month shall be applicable to utility, telephone and any other category spends made through Bill Pay. Citi Bill Pay Terms and Conditions apply where Cardholders register for the same.
  • Cash back earned on purchases made under above categories on the credit card shall be credited to the customer’s card account on the statement date of the respective monthly billing cycle. Reversal transactions, if any, shall be considered for the monthly cap in the statement month in which reversal transaction is posted and not in the month of the corresponding purchase transaction.
  • 0.5% cash back on all purchases done on categories apart from Movies, Telephones and Utility payments. Cash back earned on these purchases made on the credit card shall reflect in the customer’s card account on posting of the transaction to the customer’s card account.
  • See here Details Terms and Condition


As we have discussed rewards and benefits of Citi Cash Back Card, we can see that Citi Cash Back Card is better than Citi Reward Credit card. 5% cash back on Telephone, Movie ticket booking and utility bill payment seems good but Total cash is limited to INR 100 each category that is major downside.

I think only reason to get this credit card is 0.5% cash on all spends but other co-branded card of Citi Bank like Citi Bank Paytm Credit offer 1% cash back on all spends.  So it’s better to get Citi Bank Paytm Credit than Citi cash back credit card if you can get.

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