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By | February 24, 2021

A student credit card is one aimed at young or first-time credit card owners. Normally this is a secured credit card issued against Fixed Deposit. This credit has Low rewards rate. Low Fees but higher finance charges. There are few Credit card issuers in India that issues Student credit cards some of them are, State Bank of India, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, and HDFC Bank. Here are the 10 best Student credit cards in India.

SBI Student Plus Advantage Card

The SBI Student Plus Advantage Card is a credit card made exclusively for Students. This is a secured credit card, you should have a fixed deposit of at least Rs.15,000 for having this credit card. You can open a fixed deposit at any State Bank of India branch. Here is a detailed review of this card.


Fees DetailsAmount
Joining FeesNIl
Annual FeesRs.500 per Annum
Add On CardNil
Finance Charges2.25% per Months
International ATM3% or Rs.300, whichever is lower.

The Annual fees are waived off if you spend Rs.35,000 in the previous year. The annual fees waiver criteria are shallow; however, SBI Cards should have removed the Annual Fees criteria for students’ betterment. Nowadays, almost all banks issue secured credit cards without any charges.


  • Regular Rewards: 1 Reward Points for every Rs.100 spent
  • Accelerated Rewards: 10X Reward Points on your spending at all Departmental and Grocery stores
  • International spends 10X Reward Points on International Spends.
  • Rewards Value: Rs.0.25 per rewards points

The default rewards value 0.25% which is very low, compared to newly issued Axis Bank ACE Credit card or another entry-level credit card. However, you can get maximum benefits if you use this credit card for Departmental and Grocery store spending.

Features of SBI Student Plus Advantage Card

  • Accelerated Rewards: You will get accelerated rewards points for Departmental and Grocery stores.
  • Rewarding International spends: Get up to 2.5% cashback on International Spends.
  • Ready Cash: You can enjoy up to an 80% cash withdrawal limit.
  • Flexipay: With Flexipay, convert your transactions into easy monthly installments. Just transact for Rs. 2,500 or more using your SBI Student Plus Advantage Card.
  • Fuel Surcharge Waiver: Enjoy a 2.5% fuel surcharge waiver at any petrol pump in India, you need just Transact for Rs. 500- Rs. 3,000 every time to avail the fuel surcharge waiver.

Eligibility criteria

  • Your age should be above 18 yeas.
  • You should be Indian Resident.

Bihar Student Credit Card

Bihar Student Credit Card Scheme was launched to provide financial support for those students who have passed their 12th class from Bihar Examination Board and willing to pursue higher education but unable to study due to financial constraints.

This credit card made exclusively for student who have passed passed 12th or equivalent from Institutions recognized by Bihar School Exam Committee, i.e., Central Board of Secondary Education or Equivalent boards,  Sub-Shastri students from Institutions recognized by Bihar State Sanskrit Education Board, Moulvi passed student from recognized Institute by Bihar State Madarsa Board.

I have written detailed review of Bihar Student Credit Card, you can read here.

Bank of Baroda Prime Credit

Bank of Baroda Prime Credit

Bank of Baroda Prime Credit is a secured credit card issued against Fixed Deposit. BoB Prime Card is the best option among credit cards against fixed deposits. Check the benefits of Prime Credit cards.


Fees DetailsAmount
Joining FeesNil
Annual FeesNil
Add On CardNil

The is a Free credit card, there are no charges at all. You can get this Lifetime Free credit card against FD of INR15,000 or more without any income proof.


  • 1% Cashback on all Spends
  • Zero first year and annual fees its life Time Free Credit card
  • Earn 4 reward points (equal to INR 1 on redemption) for every  INR 100 spent
  • Zero Fuel Surcharge- 1% fuel surcharge waived for all fuel transactions between  INR 400 –  INR 5,000 (Max. waiver of Rs.250 per month).
  • Easy EMI Option- Convert purchase of >  INR 2,500/- on your card into easy EMIs of 6/12 months

You can read detailed review Bank of Baroda Prime Credit  here.

ISIC Student ForexPlus Card

ISIC Student ForexPlus Card is co-branded Prepaid credit issued by the HDFC Bank and ISIC. For students living abroad, currency fluctuations are a constant problem, so this card solve this problem.

HDFC ISIC Forex Card is not only a Forex card but also a valid student ID proof that is accepted worldwide because this card is issued ISIC association. The ISIC Association is the non-profit organization behind the International Student Identity Card (ISIC). The ISIC card is the only internationally accepted proof of bona fide student status.

The ISIC card allows students the world over to prove their official student status and make the most of thousands of targeted student benefits and discounts in over 130 countries/territories.


ChargesCharge for the USD CardCharge on the EURO cardCharge on the GBP card
Issuance FeeRs.300Rs.300Rs.300
Reload FeeRs.75Rs.75Rs.75
Re-issue Card FeeRs.100Rs.100Rs.100
ATM Cash WithdrawalUSD 2.00EUR 1.50GBP 1.00
Balance EnquiryUSD 0.50EUR 0.50GBP 0.50

Cross currency charges

  • 3% when the transaction currency is different from the currency on the card
  • Exchange rate = VISA/ MasterCard wholesale exchange rate prevailing at the time of the transaction
  • The Mid rate will be taken as the exchange rate

Niyo Global Card

Niyo Global Card is the next generation card that offers many benefits not available in the current Credit/Debit card for foreign expenses. NiYo is a band of Finnew Solutions Pvt. The company claims that a traveler having a NiYo global travel card will not need any other multi-currency forex card while traveling abroad to make international spending without any cost.

Niyo Global Card
Niyo Global Card


Fees DetailsAmount
Joining FeesRs.200
Annual FeesRs.200
Add On CardNil


  • Load money in card via IMPS/NEFT/UPI without any charges
  • Acceptable at all merchants in the world, accepting VISA.
  • Zero Forex Markup Fees.
  • This card can be used in India and the world. ( UpdateINR 20 per transaction charges for Non-DCB Bank ATM Cash Withdrawal (Domestic) – Fee.
  • The remaining balance in the card can be transferred back to the bank after a foreign tour.
  • Track expenses using NiYO Global App in realtime.
  • You can Reset PIN instantly using NiYO Global App
  • 24/7 Whatsapp priority service for Niyo Global cardholder.
  • No minimum balance or low balance fines
  • Realtime notification alerts of transactions
  • Features such as ATM locator and travel insurance included with the card

Niyo Global Card is one of the Best Student cards for students who study in foreign universities. I have written a detailed review of this card. you can read it here.

ICICI Bank Student Forex Prepaid Card

ICICI Bank issued many Forex Credit card, one of them are Student Forex Prepaid Card. Here are everything you should know.

ICICI Bank Student Forex Prepaid Card
ICICI Bank Student Forex Prepaid Card


Fees DetailsAmount
Joining FeesRs.499
Annual FeesRs.199
Add On CardNil

Joining Benefits

  • International Student Identity Card (ISIC) membership Rs.590.
  • 40% discount on excess baggage & 20% discount on courier service by DHL.
  • Card Protection Plus insurance Rs.1,600
  • Croma shopping voucher.
  • Lost card/Counterfeit card liability coverage up to Rs.5,00,000.

After you may Annual fees, ISIC membership voucher, Card Protection Plus insurance, and lost card/counterfeit card liability coverage up to INR 5,00,000 will be activated again.

Here is the list of Schedule of Charges Fees & Limits. You can check here

Kotak Silk Inspire Credit Card

Kotak Silk Inspire Credit Card is the secured credit card, best suited for students who like to shop for apparel, giving an excellent 5% back on such purchases if you clear Rs.7,500 retail spend each month.

Silk Inspire Credit Card
Silk Inspire Credit Card


Fees DetailsAmount
Joining FeesRs.599
Annual FeesRs.599
Add On CardNil


  • 5 Rewards points on Rs.100 Apparels spends
  • 1 Rewards points on Rs. 200 on all other spends
  • 1 reward point = Rs. 1
  • The default rewards rate is 0.50%
  • On Spending Rs. 1,25,000 in every 6 months, you will get 4 Free PVR tickets or 1000 rewards points
  • The total bonus in the year will be 2000 reward points worth Rs. 2,000 or 8 PVR movie tickets

You can get this credit card against a minimum Fixed deposit of Rs.50,000. The credit limit will be 80% of the Fixed Deposit. You can read a detailed review of this credit here.

 Kotak NRI Royale Signature Credit Card

Kotak NRI Royale Signature Credit Card offered against DepositsIt’s tailor-made Just for NRI and students studying in foreign universities.  You can this credit card against a fixed deposit of Rs. 1,00,000 or more.

Kotak NRI Royale Signature Credit Card
Kotak NRI Royale Signature Credit Card


Fees DetailsAmount
Joining FeesNil
Annual FeesRs.1000+GST
Add On CardRs.599


  • Earn 2X rewards on spends outside India; i.e. earn 2 rewards points for every Rs. 200/- spent
  • Earn 1 reward point for every Rs. 200/- spent within India

Note: 1 Reward Point = Re 1/- . So Net rewards is 2% on International spends and 1% on Domestic spends on any category.

Real detailed review of Kotak NRI Royale Signature Credit Card here.

Kotak 811 DreamDifferent Credit Card

Kotak 811 DreamDifferent Credit Card is the secured card issued for Kotak 811 account. This credit issued against Fixed Deposit. Here is everything, you should know about this credit card.

811 DreamDifferent Credit Card
811 DreamDifferent Credit Card
Fees DetailsAmount
Joining FeesNil
Annual FeesNil
Add On CardNil

Rewards Points

  • 2 reward points against every Rs. 100/- of online spends
  • 1 reward point against every Rs. 100/- of other spends
  • Cashback of INR 750 as Milestone program
  • One Rewards Point is equal to 0.25ps

Read Detailed review about this credit card here.

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