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By | July 6, 2021

AU Small Finance Bank has launched a range of Credit cards with Amazing Benefits. They have initially launched four credit cards: Altura Credit Card, Altura Plus Credit Card, Vetta, and Zenith. The first two are cashback and Entry-level credit cards and the next two premium credit cards.

AU Small Finance Bank Limited is an Indian scheduled commercial bank founded by Sanjay Aggarwal in 1996. Earlier it was a vehicle finance company converted to Comercial Bank in 2017 after getting an RBI license.

Below are the in depth review of Altura Credit Card and Altura Plus Credit Card.

AU Bank Altura Credit Card

Joining and Annual Fees

ChargesAltura Altura Plus
Joining FeesRs.199Rs.499
Annual FeesRs.199Rs.499

AU Bank Altura and Altura Plus both are basic and Entry level credit card, so the joining fees and annual fees are very low. On top of that above fees can also be waived off, if you fulfill certain condition. Below are the Spends Conditions for Fee Waiver.

Spends Conditions for Fee Waiver

yearAltura Altura Plus
1st yearRs.10,000 retail spends within 90 days of card set upRs.20,000 retail spends within 90 days of card set up
2nd yearRs.40,000 retail spends in the previous yearRs.80,000 retail spends in the previous year

The Spends Conditions for Fee Waiver is very good, you can easily attain the above spends for getting a fee waiver. Even the some of best Entry-level credit cards like Citi Bank Paytm First Card do have Rs.1,00,000 Spends Conditions for Fee Waiver.

Welcome Benefits

  • Altura:5% Cashback on min. Rs.2,500 retail spends within 60 days of card set up (max. cashback Rs.150)
  • Altura Plus: Rs.500 vouchers on min. 10,000 retail spends within 60 days of card set up

It is evident from the above welcome benefits, AU Bank Altura Credit card does not have sufficient welcome benefits to set off with Joining and annual fees. If you take an AU Bank Altura Credit card, then you still lose 49 +GST on joining fees.

However, if you take Altura Plus credit card, you only loose GST on Joining fees. Joining fees is fully set off with Welcome benefits of Rs.500 vouchers.

Rewards Program

AU Bank Altura Credit card comes with different types of rewards: Regular, Milestone & Accelerated, here’s everything about it below.

Cashback benefits

SpendsAltura Altura Plus
 Grocery, departmental stores and utility bill payments2% Cashback ((max. cashback of Rs.50 p.m.)1.5% Cashback on all retail spends done at merchant outlets (max. cashback of Rs.100 p.m.)
All other spends1% Cashback on all retail spends in remaining categories (max. cashback of Rs.50 p.m.)Beyond max. cashback, earn 1 Reward Point per Rs.100 spent

Altura Credit Card: 2% cashback seems to be good, but this cashback has been limited to Rs.150 per month, making this credit card second class. Even If you use HDFC PayZapp, your can earn more cashback than this credit card.

Altura Plus Credit Card: Again this credit card also has a cashback limitation of Rs.100 Per Month, however, you can earn 1 Reward Point per Rs.100 spent Beyond max. cashback.

Accelerated Rewards Program

SpendsAltura Altura Plus
 On Online SpendsNo Accelerated Rewards points 2X Reward Points (i.e. 2 Reward Points per Rs.100 spent) for all online retail spends.

There are no No Accelerated Rewards points on Altura Credit Card and you only earn 2 rewards points on online retail spends.

Milestone Benefit

SpendsAltura Altura Plus
 CashbackAdditional Cashback of Rs.50 on min. Rs.10,000 retail spends done every month.N/A
Rewards PointsN/A500 Bonus Reward Points on min. Rs.20,000 spends done every calendar month.

Complimentary Railway Lounge Access

  • 2 complimentary lounge access per calendar quarter, within-country using VISA Card
  • Add-on cardholders can also use balance lounge access without any charges
  • However, you need to fulfill certain Terms and Conditions for availing of Railway Lounge access benefits.

Railway Lounge Access is only available in selected cities in India, these are New Delhi, Kolkata (Sealdah), Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Agra, and Madurai.

Fuel Surcharge Waiver

  • 1% Fuel Surcharge Waiver for fuel transactions
  • Across all fuel stations in the country
  • Transactions should be between Rs.400 and Rs.5,000
  • Maximum Rs.150 per statement cycle

Other benefits

  • Card Liability Cover: zero liability on any fraudulent transactions made with the card after reporting the loss to the bank.
  • Contactless Card Usage: Contactless transaction without entering Credit Card PIN for amounts up to Rs.5000.
  • XpressEMI: Convert your transactions worth Rs.2,000 or more into easy EMI.
  • Add-on Cards: Get Add on a credit card without any charges.

Pros and Cons of AU Bank Altura Credit Card


  • Nominal fees waiver spends
  • 2 Railway complimentary lounge access


  • Very Low Rewards rate
  • No Airport Lounge Access
  • Cash Back is limited per month.

Eligibility Criteria

  •  Your age should be between the age of 21 years and 60 years
  • -Add-on cardholder should be over 18 years
  • -You should be Resident Indian
  • You should have a stable monthly income.

How to Apply for?

There are no live application process mention in official website right-now. However as per information, they have launched credit card internally to employee. They should be launching anytime.

Despite this, you can show your interest in their product by sending an Email or Calling Customer care. The AU Small Finance Bank Email contact is for all products and Customer care No is 1800 1200 1500.


It’s good to see that even small banking is coming with Credit card products in their portfolio. If summaries about AU Bank Altura Credit Card and AU Bank Altura Plus Credit Card both the credit card are Enetrly level and I do not see any value in this. Both the product offers below 1% rewards are that is terrible.

I would suggest to avoid this credit card even if offered free.

What do you think about AU Bank Altura Credit Card and AU Bank Altura Plus Credit Card ?, Share your take on in the comment box below.


What is included in Retail spending for Credit Card?

Retail spends includes POS (both Contactless and Chip+PIN) and E-com/Online transactions. It does not include other transactions like Loan amount, Cash withdrawal, Balance transfer, any fees & charges including GST.

What are the fees applicable to the add-on Credit Card?

You can get upto 3 LIFETIME FREE Add on Credit Cards issued to your family members. Annual Card fee is not applicable to Add-on cards.

Can small finance banks issue credit cards?

Yes, AU small finance bank have issued credit card that are Altura Credit Card, Altura Plus Credit Card, Vetta, and Zenith. The first two are cashback and Entry-level credit cards and the next two premium credit cards.

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