How to Request Alaska Airlines Credit Card Limit Increase?

Are you looking to increase your credit card limit? Follow our expert guide today to request an Alaska Airlines credit card limit increase.

Bank of America offers two easy methods for requesting a higher credit limit on your Alaska Airlines credit card: online or by calling (800) 732-9194.

To increase your chances of success, it’s recommended that you have a history of on-time payments for at least 6 months and that your financial situation has improved since you first applied for the card.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps of requesting an Alaska Airlines credit card limit increase and offer tips to maximize your chances of approval.

How to Request Alaska Airlines Credit Card Limit Increase
How to Request Alaska Airlines Credit Card Limit Increase

What is the process for requesting an increase in credit card limit with Alaska Airlines through their website?

One of the benefits of having an Alaska Airlines credit card is that you can request an increase in your credit limit online if you are eligible. Here are the steps to follow:

  • If you haven’t enrolled in online banking, sign in to your Bank of America online account or use its mobile app.
     Go to the “Account details” page and click the “Information and Services” tab.
  •  If you are eligible to request an increase online, you’ll see a button that says, “Request a credit line increase.”
  •  Enter your annual income, housing payment, and desired credit limit. Your occupation and employer may also be required.
  •  Review and submit your request. Depending on your credit profile, you will receive a decision within seconds or minutes.
  • If you are approved for a higher credit limit, it will be effective immediately. If you are not approved, you will receive a letter explaining why within 7-10 business days.

Requesting a credit limit increase can help you improve your credit score by lowering your credit utilization ratio, as long as you don’t increase your spending.

It can also give you more flexibility and purchasing power when using your Alaska Airlines credit card for travel or everyday expenses.

How to Request Alaska Airlines Credit Card Limit Increase by Phone?

To request an Alaska Airlines credit card limit increase by phone, call the Bank of America customer service line at (800) 732-9194 and enter your card number when prompted.

Once connected to a representative, inform them you would like to request a higher credit limit. They will then ask for your income, the desired increase amount, and permission to conduct a hard pull if necessary.

You should expect to receive a decision on your credit limit increase on the spot or via email.

Remember that your credit score and payment history may influence the decision, so ensure those factors are in good order before requesting an increase. With the proper preparation and a straightforward request, you can quickly increase your Alaska Airlines credit card limit.

Automatic Credit Limit Increase by Bank of America

If you hold a credit card with Bank of America, you might be eligible for an automatic credit limit increase. To determine if you qualify, the bank considers several factors, including your payment history, spending patterns, and creditworthiness.

If you have maintained an account for over six months and have been paying off your total balances every month, you might be eligible for an automatic credit limit increase.

However, it is essential to note that there is no guarantee of receiving such an increase, even if you have an excellent credit score and use your Bank of America card responsibly.

Therefore, it is always advisable to continue using your card responsibly and maintaining a good credit score to remain eligible for a potential credit limit increase in the future.

 Why Request a Credit Limit Increase?

  1. Requesting a credit limit increase can have significant benefits for managing personal finances. Here are seven reasons why it may be worth considering:
  2. Increased purchasing power – With a higher credit limit, you have more financial flexibility to make larger purchases, whether for a necessary expense or a one-time splurge.
  3. Improved credit score – Requesting a credit limit increase and maintaining a low credit utilization rate can improve your credit score over time.
  4. Easier debt consolidation – If you have multiple credit cards, consolidating debt onto a higher-limit card can be an effective way to simplify monthly payments and potentially reduce interest rates.
  5. Enhanced creditworthiness – A higher credit limit can signal to lenders that you’re a responsible borrower, increasing your chances of being approved for loans or mortgages in the future.
  6. Better rewards and perks – Many credit card companies offer rewards or loyalty programs based on spending levels. You may become eligible for more lucrative rewards with a higher credit limit.
  7. Emergency fund option – A higher credit limit can serve as a backup emergency fund in case unexpected expenses arise.
  8. Flexibility during financial hardship – If you experience income loss or unexpected expenses, a higher credit limit can provide a cushion until you can rebuild your savings.

What to Do if Your Request is Denied

 If your request for a credit limit increase is denied, several reasons may have contributed to the decision. These reasons may include a poor credit score, low income, or a recent credit history that shows late or missed payments.

However, if your request is not approved, there are still alternatives that you can consider.

  • One option is to pay off outstanding balances on your credit card, as this can improve your credit score and increase your chances of being approved for a credit limit increase in the future.
  • Another alternative is applying for a new credit card with a higher limit, which may offer introductory balance transfer rates or rewards points that can help improve your credit score.

If all else fails, you may need to improve your credit score over time before requesting a credit limit increase again.

Why won’t my credit card limit increase?

There could be several reasons why your credit card limit won’t increase.

  • One possible reason could be that you haven’t used your credit card regularly or made late payments consistently.
  • Your payment history and credit score are key factors credit card companies consider before they decide to increase your credit limit.
  • If you are carrying a significant balance on your credit card or have high debts, then it may signal that you are a higher-risk borrower, and therefore, the company may not want to take the chance of extending more credit to you.
  • The credit card company may have strict policies on increasing credit limits, specifically if your credit card is relatively new or your overall portfolio is experiencing risks.

It’s always a good idea to check with your credit card company to understand why your limit won’t increase and take the necessary steps to improve your credit score and payment history.


Alaska Airlines offers a credit card that comes with many benefits, including the option to increase your credit limit. To do this, you can request a credit line increase online or call customer service at (800) 732-9194.

It’s important to note that if you request a credit limit increase, Bank of America (the card issuer) may do a hard pull of your credit, which could cause your score to drop temporarily. 

However, being approved for a higher limit could help your credit score in the long term. It’s also possible that Bank of America may offer you a credit limit increase without you asking for it.

They periodically review accounts to see if customers are eligible for an increase, and these increases always use a soft pull of your credit.

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