Can I add another user to my Green Dot card?

You cannot add another user to your Green Dot prepaid debit card. Green Dot prepaid debit cards are personalized for a single cardholder. There is no option to add an additional user to a Green Dot prepaid debit card. 

According to Green Dot’s official website, a second personalized card to give to a friend or family member is not available. Each card is designed for one cardholder only.

However, if you have a Green Dot credit card, you do have the option to add an authorized user. An authorized user is someone you designate to use your credit card account and make transactions. 

To add an authorized user to your Green Dot credit card, you will need to call Green Dot customer service at (866) 291-0818.

Portrait of two friends sharing a Green Dot card
Portrait of two friends sharing a Green Dot card

When you call, Green Dot will ask you for information about the authorized user you want to add, including:

•Their full name  
•Their relationship to you (spouse, partner, child, etc.)
•Their country of residence   
•Their date of birth
•Their Social Security number  
•Their primary phone number

After verifying the authorized user’s identity, Green Dot will generate an additional card in the authorized user’s name and mail it to them.

The authorized user will then be able to make purchases and other transactions using your credit card account.

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