How to Make AARP Barclays credit card payment?

Learn how to make an AARP Barclays Credit Card payment quickly and easily with this detailed step-by-step guide. Find out the different payment options available and how to choose the best one for you

Making an AARP Barclays credit card payment is easy and convenient. You can pay online or over the phone at (877) 523-0478, with a mobile app, or by mailing in a check.

With online payment options, you can pay your bill anytime, anywhere, as long as you have internet access. Plus, Barclays allows cardholders to set up automatic payments, so you never miss a due date again.

This article will explain how to make an AARP Barclays credit card payment and provide helpful tips on managing your payments efficiently and effectively.

AARP® Essential Rewards Mastercard® from Barclays
AARP® Essential Rewards Mastercard® from Barclays

How do I pay my Barclay credit card online?

Here are the steps to pay your Barclay credit card online:

  1. Get online access to your Barclay credit card account or download the Barclay App to your smartphone.
  2. Go to the main navigation menu, then select “Payments.”
  3. To make payments, you’ll need to link an eligible checking or savings account. Click “Add a bank account” and enter your account information.
  4. In the payment amount field, you can select the minimum payment amount, the full statement balance, the current statement balance, or another amount.
  5. Make your payment today! Select “pay now” to send it before the cutoff time of 11:59 pm ET or 7 pm ET if it’s your statement cycle date. Doing so will ensure that your payment is dated the same day. Alternatively, you can enter a payment date of your choice.
  6. Choose one of your bank accounts to use as a payment account (you can have multiple ones stored here).
  7. Confirm your payment information by selecting “Review and Verify,” then hit “Pay now” when you’re ready to send.
  8. Verify the payment information, then click ‘Pay now’ to finalize the transaction.
  9. Note: Some steps may vary depending on your location, bank, or device to access the website/App.

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How do I pay with a credit card on the Barclays app?

To pay with a credit card on the Barclays app, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Barclays app on your mobile device and log in to your account.
  2. Select the “Payments” tab from the main menu.
  3. Select “Make a Payment” and choose the credit card account you wish to pay.
  4. Enter the payment amount, select the payment date, or choose to pay now.
  5. Select the credit card you want to use for the payment.
  6. Review and verify the payment details and select “Pay now” to confirm the payment.
  7. You will receive a notification and receipt of the payment once it is processed.

Note: Some steps may vary depending on your location, bank, or the device you are using to access the Barclays App.

 How do I pay my Barclay credit card by Phone?

Paying your Barclay credit card by Phone is an easy process. You must call (877) 523-0478 and enter your card information when prompted. This information can include your account number, name, address, and other essential details.

After providing the necessary information, you will be asked for the type of payment you wish to make and the payment amount. With a few more steps, you can then authorize the payment from your bank account or another payment source.

Once everything has been confirmed, your Barclay credit card will be paid off in no time.

  How do I pay my Barclay credit card via Mail?

If you wish to pay your Barclay credit card by Mail, you can do so using a check or money order. Do not send cash through the postal service.

The payment address for both the old (issued by Chase) and the new (issued by Barclays) AARP Rewards Credit Card is:

Barclays, PO Box 13337,


PA 19101-3337.

Make sure to include your account number on the check and sign it before sending it in. It is vital to allow enough time for the payment to be received before the due date and ensure there is enough money in your bank account to cover the payment being sent.

If there are insufficient funds in your bank account, you may incur overdraft fees and late penalties.

How to Make AARP Barclays credit card payment (Videos)

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In conclusion, making an AARP Barclays credit card payment is easy. You can do it by mobile, application, online, or Mail. The process is the same, no matter which method you choose.

All of these options have advantages and disadvantages, so consider which works best for you.

Mobile payments offer convenience and are securely available anytime and anywhere, while mail payments may be convenient if you don’t have access to a computer or smartphone.

Online payments are secure and straightforward to set up and use. Whichever option you choose, make sure that your payment reaches the bank before the due date to avoid late fees or other penalties.

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