RedGirraffe Launched 5X RedGirraffe Cash Points Program

RedGirraffe has launched 5X RedGirraffe Cash Points Program in partnership with over 260+ leading brands and var

ious fulfillment partners. RedGirraffe is one of the pioneers in the field of rental payments and serving international customers.

Now RedGirraffe has introduced the 5X RedGirraffe Cash Points Program under which, you can earn 5X RedGirraffe cash points for every single rupee spends on RedGirraffe that may Rent, Education Fees or Exclusive Insurance Membership, here is everything you should know about 5X RedGirraffe Cash Points Program.

Features and Benefits

  • Earn 5X RedGirraffe Cash Points
  • An upper cap of 1000 RedGirraffe Cash Points/customer/month
  • 1 RedGirraffe Cash Points = Rs. 1
  • RedGirraffe Cash Points can be redeemed on each of RedGirraffe’s Partner Gift Cards.
  • RedGirraffe Cash Points are for self-use only.
  • Some of the partners of RedGirraffe are BigBazaar, Bigbasket, Grofers, SPAR, More, Starbucks, Gap, US Polo, Nike, Costa Coffee, Hamley’s, Crossword, Curefit, Tata Sky, and so many more.

How to Earn RedGirraffe Cash Points

  • Do successful transaction of Rent, Education Fees, or Exclusive Insurance Membership fees.
  • Rewards cash points will be credited to you with 5 times the value equivalent RedGirraffe Cash Points.

Here is Example .

If you pay Rs.30,000 as House rent and bear Rs.138/- as services charges, You will get 690 (138*5) RedGirraffe Cash Points in your wallets, however, there is a maximum cap of Rs.1000 cashpoints per month/customers. These cashpoints shall be used for a discount in various fulfillment partners.

How to redeem RedGirraffe cashpoints

 Place Order for RedGirraffe Gift Cards 

Your RedGirraffe Cash Points shall be posted in RedGirraffe, and these can be used for discount Gift purchases. Within your dashboard of redgirraffe, all the brands made available, you can adjust a certain part of the Gift Card’s face value by redeeming your RedGirraffe Cash Points. Currently, All big brands are available. Here are some of them.

5X RedGirraffe Cash Points
5X RedGirraffe Cash Points

Discount on Big Bazaar E-Gift Card is 5.75% and Bigbasket E-Gift Card is 6.75% and so on.

How to redeem RedGirraffe cashpoints
How to redeem RedGirraffe cashpoints

It is evident from above picture that you can only use 6% discount against 100 cashpoints.

Pay for the Remaining Discounted Amount of the Gift Card

Pay the remaining amount of the Gift Card through the designated RedGirraffe Purchase Virtual Account Number allocated to you. The Gift Card, you delivered to your mail inbox.

 Redeem the RedGirraffe Partner Gift Cards at merchant sites or stores.

When you have received the Gift Card, use this card for shopping at merchant sites or stores. Check the full list on the official website


RedGirraffe is already giving options to pay Rent or services at the lowest services charges. Now, 5X RedGirraffe Cash Points are the additional benefits you can earn through RedGirraffe. HDFC Bank is also offering discounts and cashback on voucher purchases through its smart buy Program, you can check here.


What are RedGirraffe CashPoints?

“RedGirraffe Cash Points” is a unique and exclusive loyalty reward program for RedGirraffe. These Cash Points can be utilized against discounts on 260+ merchant partnerships in India of RedGirraffe.

How can I earn RedGirraffe CashPoints?

You can RedGirraffe Cash Points after every successful completion of a transaction on the platform. e.g. Settlement of Rent, Education Fees, Membership Charges with Add-on Insurance, etc.

How many RedGirraffe Cash Points can I earn per transaction?

For every transaction on the RedGirraffe Platform, if you spend INR 1 as RedGirraffe Charges, you shall be allocated  RedGirraffe CashPoint in your wallet. How Under 5X program you will be credited % times of Normal cashpoints.

Where can RedGirraffe Cash Points be Redeemed?

RedGirraffe Cash Points can be redeemed on each of RedGirraffe’s Partner Gift Cards. If a RedGirraffe Partner Gift Card of value say Rs. 1000 is available for redemption with RedGirraffe Cash Points acceptability of 10%, then you can redeem 100 RedGirraffe Cash Points against the same . Thus, you can now purchase such RedGirraffe Partners Gift Card of face value of INR 1000 value for INR 900.

What is the validity of RedGirraffe CashPoints?

For a RedGirraffe customer with an active RG ID, the RedGirraffe Cash Points are valid till 31st December 2023.

What is the maximum number of RedGirraffe Gift Cards that I can buy?

For 1 order you can select a maximum of 4 RedGirraffe Partner Gift Cards.

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